Ceramic Bongs: Everything You Need To Know About The World's Oldest Water Pipe

Ceramic Bongs: Everything You Need To Know About The World's Oldest Water Pipe

Ceramic Bongs: Everything You Need To Know About The World's Oldest Water Pipe

Posted On October 03rd, 2022

Bongs are most commonly made out of glass, as it is the smoker's material of choice worldwide. However, ceramic bongs can offer just as many benefits as glass ones and are the old-school option that can never disappoint you.

Ceramic bongs are the oldest style of a bong, with some remnants dating back thousands of years. Some studies suggest that the first bong was made in Africa over 3,000 years ago, though I can't confirm this (but it sure sounds like a fun fact!).

So if you're curious about what ceramic bongs are, whether they're safe to smoke from, or are just looking for a cool ceramic bong to add to your collection, look no further. Let's dive into everything you want to know about smoking out of a ceramic bong!

A lot has changed since the original ceramic bongs were crafted all those centuries ago. However, there can still be many hesitations about the safety, cleanliness, and other risks when smoking a ceramic bong. 

Because one can imagine how much more porous ceramic material is than more conventional bongs made of glass or plastic. When mixing ash, resin, water, and wax in the mix, I don't fault you for thinking all that mixture might get trapped in the porous material.

Ceramic pipes are safe to smoke out of as long as the maker uses non-toxic, lead-free glazes and clay and fires their pieces at the appropriate temperature based on the types of clay and materials used. The inside pipe or water pipe must also be glazed to prevent dust and bacteria from being trapped in the porous clay.

Easy To Clean. Ceramic bongs are incredibly easy to clean, even compared to standard glass bongs. Because they are more durable than glass, you can be more aggressive with your scrubbing and use cleaning utensils which removes a ton of stress when cleaning and resetting the bong after a smoke session.

Don't Impart Any Flavor Into Your Smoke. Because of the ceramic composition of the bong, no flavor or other chemicals are imparted into the smoke you inhale. This allows you to taste just the flower and nothing else which can be a great added benefit.

Smoother Hits. Ceramic material absorbs and dissipates heat far more quickly than glass or other materials made from bongs. This results in far smoother hits when you're smoking, which is never wrong.

Highly Unique. Clay and ceramic materials are far more moldable and shapable than glass or other materials so makers can be far more creative with their designs. This results in some super whacky-shaped and one-of-a-kind bongs that could never be replicated in a glass kilt or anything else. 

The only downside here is that, because they are so custom, it can often be hard to find a replacement or modified bowls and downstems for them - so customization ends at the point of purchase.

They're Cheap AF. Because ceramic material is incredibly accessible, widely available, and easy to make, ceramic bongs are much cheaper than their glass counterparts. This allows the price discounts to be passed down to you, resulting in a much more affordable purchase at your located dispensary or makers hop.

As mentioned above, ceramic bongs can be made by anyone (at least as long as they know how to wheel-throw ceramic material or mold it by hand), which means that there are more options than you might imagine for purchasing ceramic bongs. Well, we scoured the internet and discovered the best ceramic bongs that we can't recommend enough. So explore these options and find an affordable (or not so affordable) bong to add to your collection.

This piece looks like an artifact washed up on a sun-drenched beach, with a cracked and aged look to the ceramic. The rounded bottom section is partially covered in igneous rock-like lava stain.

The bowl on this bong is built into the body, which gives it a sleek look. However, it's not as easy to clean as other bongs. There is a small carb cap next to the bowl. Covering it with your finger or thumb while you smoke will help improve the airflow.

The Hexagon is a ceramic bong with a modern look. It has an angular, modern look instead of the vase-like aesthetic of many other options. It is glazed in black, white, or red. It is 9.5 inches tall, which is slightly taller than most ceramic bongs, but it is still a comfortable size to hold. The bong includes a glass downstream and bowl, which is standard, and it is also resistant to staining and easy to clean (you can even put it in the dishwasher). The downstream also filters smoke, making the whole experience smoother than an average bong that does not have recyclers.

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